Saturday, July 09, 2005

Interesting Contrast

Interesting Contrast
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I was amazed at the amount of contrast the sky half was firey orangish yellow and the other plain clear blue sky...

Evening sky

evening sky
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We were at BelleVille Water Front festival, watching the Drums and Bugles...It was a bright day and the evening sun brought in some colourful display with a bunch of clouds trying to move in....

Nice lunch

nice lunch
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Ah !!! Its been so long since I had this most implest and quickest form of lunch....Woke up late and was bored to cook ......made this south indian (tamilnadu) speciality ....Rice with lemon and grated carrots (again with lemon) ....Yeah, dont u know, I'm addicted to lemon !!!

Approaching storm

Approaching storm
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No means I consider this a sketch.....but WTH, I did it *wink* ....REcently I had driven down to drop a couple of guys(Am I a official chaffeur or what? ) at Wonderland and was supposed to pick them at 8:30 PM...I came there sharp and waited till 10:45 PM (yep, mean guys they were and patient guy wasnt I? During that wait I tried to see how a willow charcoal flows on paper...Believe me, though I like pencil sketches a lot, charcoal can be very messy to of the toughest medium.....

Monday, July 04, 2005


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Last friday, I was alone and thought I'll try learning few basics in sketching. My reference was the squirrel picture my friend took a while ago. The exercise was to learn how to draw thin hairlines. I'm pretty much happy at the output on the right *smile*.

Materials I used are 2H and 6B pencils on a Acid Free Sketch book

Things I liked about this pic was the
1. eyes
2. hair lines of the tail and rear limbs

Things I think I need to improve are
1. proportion - look at the original, the head is not shaped like a traingle at all, as it should have been
2. the sketch must be a little brighter
3. Have more patience *nods myhead diligently*