Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wat Pho / Phra Chetuphon

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One of the most active tourist spots of Bangkok, Thailand. It is also called the House of Reclining Buddha as it has this huge buddha statue in a reclining position. As is the grandeour with the buddhist temples spread all over Bangkok or that you would find anywhere in the world, the whole temple has intricate and stunningly beautiful yellowish architecture that makes it look as though the whole place is made of solid gold. Well, it actually closer to that because most of these are gold plated.

This temple houses Thailand's largest reclining Buddha and the maximum number of Buddha images (394 actually) in a Wat. For beginners, Wat = temple.
It was originally built during Kind Rama I and rebuilt during the reign of King Rama III. Well, about this King Rama and a lot of history about Thailand and conenction with India, I'll post another entry.

Thsi reclining buddha has 108 postures intricately carved in his feet. They are all made of Mother of Pearl. Its just not the Buddha statue thats of interest here, but there are a whole lot of other things around this place that is breathtaking. Take for example, the 4 stupas that were built to honor the great King Ramas I & II. Seems each Rama had built a big stupa with the King Rama III building the biggest one of them all. After that
he had ordered no more stupas by any future kings. (How mean!). There are also around 91 chedis/belltowers scattere around the entire surrounding.
This place also has a library and is known for the Thai Reflexology method of massage. (You can get one done there too). In fact, their knowledge of massage is displayed in the outside by a statues of sages in poses of self massage(pics follow). This whole place is spread around 20 acres of land and the architecture of the buildings are so awesome that you are ledt to gape in wonder !!!

This was one of the last stop during our sight seeing trip of Bangkok, the next last one being Wat Arun. Therefore, many of use were tired having strolled thru Grand Palace and the city of bangkok. Inside we got to eat some very nice fruits neatly packed in plastic bags and I got one of a pack of mangoes with all the chilli powder and salt in it much to the annoyance of others who couldnt eat things so hot. HEHEHE !!! Also, we bought some few bells, but I would suggest you wait and buy souveneirs in Chinatown unless you are like chikuado who buys them at the respective places. But you should know to bargain which she knows and I actually have no clue what it is.

Tkts Cost - 20 THB / person

Some interesting links

History buffs, click on the Detailed description HERE. Its very interesting.

A new Series - a small primer !!!

Since I came back from Canada in september, I have taken a couple of breaks from work and went on Trekking in Nilgiris and a wonderful vacation to Thailand and Malaysia.
I have always wanted to write travelogues, however, I'm so crunched for time these days. I havent still got my Laptop and car to Blore and I dont hope to get it till next weekend when I go to chennai. And even after that I'm not sure how much of a travelogue I would write. Therefore, I have decided to update Bim-Bam with pictures and a detailed write up of each place and links on the Net so that you can read more about those places and be informed when you happen to visit them.

I'm starting with the Truly Asia Vacation and leaving the trekking details for later.
Obviusly, the whole of the write up will be done by reliving the moments with who else other than the Only One - "Chikuado"

Our route map was

Chennai - Bangkok - Pattaya - Bangkok - Penang - Langkawi - Penang - KualaLampur - Chennai
Time Oct 29 - Nov 6

I'm not going to maintain the chronology of the places we visited. The posts would be in no particular order.