Friday, January 15, 2010

A new year, a new start !

I just came to know that there are some people who believe more in me than myself, that they have chosen to follow this blog or check once in a while. Its been long, actually very long , to be exact more than 3 years now. Did I actually lose my new found interest with the lens or have I just become lazy...I guess its a combination of both and in all this while, I have been following many photographers and their work. But I havent been able to really start clicking or whatever I clicked, I felt they were mediocre, not in comparison with other's work that I was visiting, but it seemed just like any of the other photographs. It simply seemed one among the many which never seem to satisfy me when it comes to photography. May be I'm expecting too much of a perfect moment ! Its a new year and a new start, so I thought let me put down the expectation far less than what I seem to have and choose the best way to do something - to start with it. I hope this year I will be able to do more justice to this place and may be I will be more creative. Its not a resolution, just a wish !